Lecture Application

Lecture Application 2018
Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations are selected based on topic uniqueness and content, speaker professionalism, credentials and experience. We cannot schedule all lecture applications submitted and do not guarantee that all exhibitors will receive a speaking slot.
  • Lectures and Demonstrations are 45 minutes in length with a 15 minute break between presentations. Workshops are an hour in length with a 15 minute break between sessions. Please plan accordingly as to allow for the next speaker to be able to prepare for their session.
  • No selling of services or products is allowed during lectures. All lectures are designed to educate and create awareness about your field of expertise.
  • You must complete all fields in order to submit the application. This includes a personal image of the presenter. Company logos are not accepted.
  • Only online applications will be accepted for presentations.
  • Deadline for applications are May 1st 2018.
  • There is a $100.00 Speaking Fee for individuals who do not have an exhibitor space at the event.

Presenter Information

Presentation Details

Thank you for your interest in offering a presentation at the exposition. If your topic or presentation is selected, you will receive an email confirmation with more information.