The EMF Dirty Dozen

Lee Sagula

11:00 PM – 11:45 AM
Saturday, October 19th

Lee Sagula of EMF Professional Solutions, will provide a live demo of high EMF-emitting products that you should avoid in your home and car. Lee will use meters, many with lights and sounds, to demonstrate the emissions from these products. Some, if not many of these products may surprise you! Most importantly, suggestions for better alternatives will be made for each product! One example is “how to dry your hair the Low-EMF way”!


Lee Sagula, owner of EMF Professional Solutions, is a certified Building Biologist (since 2001) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. She is one of only 25 Electromagnetic Specialists in the Country. She performs home and office electromagnetic radiation (EMR) assessments, phone consultations and pre-purchase home, property or rental assessments. Today, more than ever, reducing Electromagnetic Radiation is a big spoke in the wheel toward maintaining optimal health.

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