The Gut Brain Axis

Dr. Jane Drobin

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Saturday, October 19th

The Gut-Brain Axis presentation is a holistic and functional approach to help understand the connection between our gastro-intestinal system and our brains. We will investigate the neurology of the gut-brain axis, signaling agents, dysfunctional agents and clinical applications. Furthermore, we will discuss how decreased brain output equals poor gut function, and how poor gut function leads to symptoms such as brain fog, cold hands/feet, agitation, decrease in motivation, getting upset easily, poor memory and nervousness.

This presentation will further investigate common disorders such as IBS, SIBO, concussions, leaky gut, eczema & gluten sensitivities. By understanding the etiology and root cause of these disorders, we will discuss what practitioners are doing for their patients including diet and lifestyle changes, botanical medicine, homeopathics, supplementation and specialty lab testing.



Dr. Jane Drobin is a Naturopathic doctor and a Chiropractor. Native to the area, Dr. Drobin graduated from Elizabethtown High School and Elizabethtown College. After completing both doctorates in Chicago, Illinois, she is ecstatic to be back in her hometown starting her own private medical practice. Though she loves treating all conditions, and particulary chronic diseases, auto-immune disorders, pregnancy, gastro-intestinal disorders, women’s health and musculo-skeletal complaints.

Dr. Drobin treats the root cause of disease, not just signs and symptoms by practicing both naturopathic and chiropractic principles while incorporating functional medicine. She treats based off of the principles of: 1) First, Do No Harm 2) The Healing Power of Nature 3) Identify and Treat the Cause 4) Doctor as Teacher 5) Treat the whole person 6) Prevention. Aside from practicing medicine, Dr. Drobin loves spending time with her family & friends, convincing her husband to adopt dogs, reading and browsing the local the health food store.


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