The Round Up on Round Up – Weed killers in our food.

Annmarie Cantrell

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Sunday, October 21st

In an epic ruling this past August, a judge ruled that Monsanto’s Ranger Pro ( a generic brand of Round Up) caused the terminal non Hodgkin’s lymphoma of a California school groundskeeper. The ruling requires that Monsanto pay DeWayne Johnson $289 Million for compensatory and punitive damages inflicted by their product.

For years independent scientists have been warning about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up, as it is sprayed on GMO crops , as well as other grains and pulses. The biotech companies have lobbied hard to keep the dangers quiet and have hired their own “independent scientists” to say that the product is safe.


Annmarie Cantrell is a wellness educator who believes that REAL FOOD heals and REAL FOOD is delicious- just the way Mother Nature intended!

When we stray from what is real, our bodies, minds and spirits suffer.

Embedded in her cooking is a love and respect for all things traditional. Sourcing and preparing foods according to the wisdom of our ancestors is intuitive for her and is very much counter culture to the food system we currently experience in this country. As a consultant, Annmarie helps people weave their way back to what is real and encourages them to use their intuition when it comes to truly nourishing themselves.

For 4 years, Annmarie was the President of the board of GMO FREE PA, a non profit organization dedicated to educating consumers about the dangers of genetically engineered foods and advocating for a statewide labeling law for GMO’s.

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