“Tapping” Away Your Stress – EFT In Your Daily Routine

Mary Kalbach

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
Sunday, October 21st

Emotional Freedom Technique – popularly known as “Tapping” – is a powerful tool for your personal stress release toolbox. EFT was born out of Thought Field Therapy and combines tapping on accupressure points with scripting that aides in neuro-reprogramming. When faced with stressful situations, we quickly get stuck in unproductive thought processes, as well as instinctual fight, flight or freeze responses that we can’t control. EFT helps to regain that control and move the body and mind back towards health and wholeness. In this lecture, learn about what stress is and how it affects your body and mind, as well as how tapping on energy meridians in your body soothes the central nervous system and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace.


Mary Kalbach is a Trauma Recovery Coach who utilizes EFT “Tapping” and Mindfulness to help her clients release traumatic memories and live in internal freedom and peace. She is a certified Clinical EFT practitioner with a specialty in complex and developmental trauma, and certified Mindfulness Mentor. Perhaps more importantly, Mary intimately understands the struggle of living with the fall-out of severe stressors having recovered from complex PTSD herself, as well as helping her adopted children find peace from their traumatic pasts. Known around the internet as the Emergent Hippie, her speaking and coaching style is described by her audiences and clients as intimate, safe, peaceful and personally challenging.

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