Discover the Secrets to Metabolic Balance & Weight Loss

Tanya Jarrett

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Saturday, October 20th

Health is more than weight loss and weight loss is surely more complicated than the traditional Calories In < Calories Out model.
If you are struggling with inflammation, bloating, a growing waistline, low energy, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or poor digestion among the few – join me as I reveal:

  • How a calorie is more than a calorie.
  • The truth behind chronic inflammation and unwanted weight gain at any age.
  • New nutrition strategies for optimal health.
  • The truth behind exercise and what may be holding you back.

It’s time for you to learn the secrets to balancing your hormones so that you can balance your life.


Tanya Jarrett, MPH is the owner of Live Fresh LLC, creator of the 28 day Ultimate Whole Foods Refresh and co-creator of The Simple Wealth Program. Here mission is to inspire and empower others to take ownership of their lives so they no longer feel like they are trading their health for wealth.

Her main focus in her nutrition practice is helping women achieve hormone balance through whole foods based nutrition programs. As a former Miss Pennsylvania USA, she is no stranger to living a busy life on the go – all while keeping health in mind.

After spending a decade of investing time & energy into her love for science, food, nutrition and fitness – in 2013 she decided it was time to spread her knowledge to help others flourish. She loves connecting with people, understanding their needs, giving them tools and then watching them become high-performing powerhouses.

As a speaker, Tanya brings her infectious energy and front-line experience to every group she meets.

Tanya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Management from Duquesne University, a Masters of Public Health in Behavioral & Community Health Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh, a Nutritional Therapy certification as well as a Group Fitness Trainer certification.

She is married to a professional ice hockey player, has 4-year-old daughter and loves to travels, learn about wine and have her toes in the sand.

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