Health Kinesiology: Restoring Life and Balance

Karen D’Antonio

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Saturday, October 20 th

Talking about muscle testing how the body responds to stress. The use of various tool placed on different areas of the body to assist in the healing process. Discuss how to assist the body in healing from allergies pain emotional trauma emf issues and many more. It’s the coolest thing around and I am so happy to have learned this modality. It’s the best kept secret that I’m taking into the world to assist humanity on its journey to ascension!!!!!!!


I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years. I found Health Kinesiology when my son became ill at age 19 with stage 4 kidney disease. The doctors told us that their was no cure and not to search outside the medical field so that’s exactly what I did, only to uncover the very powerful way that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. In listening to the body and talking to the body , people feel better and enjoy greater health and wellness. So after 3 years of study and 10 levels of study, I am now a health kinesiology practitioner. I am also a certified yoga instructor, a level 2 reiki practitioner. I still practice as a nurse and bring about holistic well being for those in whom I work with.


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