Smart meters, 5G and other EMF’s!

Lee Sagula

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Saturday, October 20th

I will discuss smart meters – what they are, RF radiation and how to shield them and what is being done to help us get them off of our homes! I will also discuss the latest info I have on 5G. I will review electric & magnetic fields as well as dirty electricity.

Many suggestions and tips to reduce EMF’s in your home will be discussed!


Healthy Homes Consulting, LLC is owned and operated by Lee Sagula. Lee provides phone consultations and on-site Electromagnetic Radiation assessments for properties, homes and offices. She is also available for new home purchase assessments.

Lee is an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, (EMRS) and Bau-Biologie Environmental Consultant (BBEC – since 2001). These certifications include testing and mitigation of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, and healthy building practices. Lee is one of only 25 Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists in the country and the only EMRS in Pennsylvania. ‚Äč