Energy Healing and its Role in Your Health

Michelle Buss

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Sunday, October 21st

Energy healing is on the rise in the holistic medical healthcare field. After having spent the last 21 years as a massage therapist, I have seen many positive changes to holistic healthcare and it’s reach into the mainstream. When I was first out of massage school in 1996, chiropractic was just starting to gain more interest and recognition, acupuncture was gaining traction and massage therapy quickly followed. Herbalism, naturopathy, nutrition, energy healing and more are now starting to be well recognized as they emerge into the field more. People are getting real results and are able to maintain better health with integrating some of these alternative, holistic health care options into their health management plans. One of my goals to to educate the public on how energy healing can be a successful modality for maintaining health as well as a compliment to traditional medicine.


Michelle is a natural medical medium and spirit medium, healer, and an experience massage therapist. She has been a respected and successful massage therapist for over 20 years. She is now able to blend all of her gifts and training into the energy work. Her knowledge of the body also aids in her healing abilities. While her healing abilities have been natural since the start of her career, she received training in Reiki in 2012 and began her journey with Soul Healing in 2016. She is Simon Hay’s first student/protege for Soul Healing and has been training with him since March 2016 as well as assisted him in over 50 healings during his visit in October 2016. When Michelle isn’t working with Simon during his US tours, she works from her home office doing healings and massages. Michelle teaches classes and mentors individuals to help them find their way into their gifts. Michelle has been able to get positive health responses for her clients. Benefits ranging from pain reduction and elimination, healing with hormonal balance/thyroid issues, mental and emotional stress imbalances, sleep issues, skin conditions, vertigo, and the list continues as Michelle does more and more healings. Michelle is constantly refining her work and receiving testimonials about the affects this work has had on her clients. Michelle has also been able to assist clients with receiving proper medical care for issues they may be having, by using her medical intuitive gifts.