Guided Meditation

Magali Diskus

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Saturday, October 21st

Experience a guided meditation, combining ancient meditation techniques with modern Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help both beginning and experienced mediators quiet the mind and connect for a relaxing and meaningful meditation. Develop a regular meditation practice to strengthen your focus, relieve stress, and move through the world with more calmness and peace.

A regular meditation practice supports:

  • Reduced stress & tension
  • More positive control over your thoughts
  • Detachment from situations that cause you unease
  • Happiness & peace of mind
  • Increased concentration
  • Deep relaxation


My passion for health and wellness has stemmed from the positivity and peace that it has brought to me in my own life. I felt the need to create my business, Magali Diskus International, LLC of Mechanicsburg, PA, in order to share my gift for enlightenment and improvement with the community that I am proud to be a part of. Every single life that I am able to assist and guide in a positive way makes me ecstatic about the transformative work that I do. 

Magali’s focus and dedication are to guide and assist active spiritual individuals in restoring their connection to life and joy by clearing their blocks, elevating their energetic vibration and allowing their essential self to heal and shine. 


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