Fun and Creative Ways to Get Fit This Spring

spring, creative, fitnessWith warmer, longer days on the way, now is the perfect time to shake off those winter blues by exercising and eating a healthy diet! If you’re like most, the cold winter months may have led you to live a more sedentary lifestyle than what you are accustomed to, and now you are ready to get back in shape. Here are a few ideas to help get you in the best physical shape this spring!

Change your diet

Chances are over the winter months you indulged in heavy, low-in-nutritional-value foods that left you feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day –and you may have picked up a few pounds along the way. If you truly want to start off fresh this spring, you will need to eat a nutrient rich diet in addition to exercising. Being fit is a lifestyle and if your efforts in the kitchen do not match your physical activity efforts, you will not yield many results. The obvious benefits of eating a healthy diet are a lean, fit body but you will also receive many mental benefits as well! A diet with adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fats, and vitamins promote a balanced mood and feelings of wellbeing. Unhealthy foods that are high in sugar provide an increase in energy levels, then shortly after, those levels dip, leaving you fatigued. Eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and brown rice will keep your energy levels up without the risk of crashing later.

A balanced, nutritious diet can also treat multiple conditions such as chronic pain, depression and even drug addiction. Chronic pain is linked to chronic inflammation, which occurs when tissues in the body are unable to overcome the effects of an injury. Foods that are high in refined sugars or processed (think boxed foods and frozen dinners) cause inflammation to flare up, resulting in a lot of pain. Fortunately there are plenty of anti-inflammatory foods that can help ward off chronic inflammation and pain. An anti-inflammatory diet would consist of leafy green vegetables, fatty oils such as olive oil, and fish options such as salmon and mackerel. Those battling with drug addiction would want to partake in a similar diet of rich, whole foods and less sugar, caffeine and processed foods. This kind of diet will keep their blood sugar levels stabilized and lessen mood swings and depression.

Creative ways to exercise

The number one rule to exercising is to never allow yourself to get bored. Boredom leads to inactivity which makes it more difficult to stay on track of your fitness goals. Thankfully, there are quite a few spunky ways to switch up your workout routine whether you want to enlist your kids, partner, friends or go at it solo. The goal of exercise is to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping, while strengthening and toning your body. The best way to get moving is to think like a kid! They tend to move for fun and are not caught up in outer appearance and losing weight. Their carefree attitudes can lead you right into a healthier lifestyle with very little thought on your end!

Participate in a game of frisbee with your kids or even race with them around the block. Embrace the free spirit of a child and indulge in activities like jumping rope, which is an excellent form of high-intensity training that is guaranteed to burn calories. Also try to get outside of the comfort zone known as the gym by asking a few friends to join you in taking a dance class or indoor rock climbing. As long as you routinely participate in activities that keep you moving, you can’t lose!

Use this spring as a chance to really kick your healthy lifestyle into gear. Fuel up on the proper foods and be sure to have plenty of fun with your workout routines! Before you know it, summer will be here and you will be beach body ready!

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Fun and Creative Ways to Get Fit This Spring

With warmer, longer days on the way, now is the perfect time to shake off those winter blues by exercising and eating a healthy diet! If you're like most, the cold winter months may have led you to live a more sedentary lifestyle than what you are accustomed to, and...

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